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To Increase your companies Web Presence by building a network of “Keyword” based websites designed to funnel online traffic to your main website. These will create more landing pages as the websites get indexed in the search engines .

This technique creates an ever increasing “web” for the purpose of capturing potential customers as they search the internet for your products or service.

This is an effective way of increasing the flow of passive leads coming in via email and telephone correspondence as well as helping the main site’s Search Engine Optimization. Each of the feeder sites links to the main site increasing the relevance of the reciprocal link campaign.

The Plan will also include a proactive lead generation program where we will build prospect lists based on the individual niche product line of each keyword based website. These prospect lists  will then be utilized in our email and phone calling campaigns to increase exposure and potential sales of the products your company manufacture or your services.

Scope Of Work:

A. WebWorm will build multiple “Keyword” based websites using the very stable and highly supported WordPress platform,an open source platform that ensures performance, support,security incredible flexibility and scalability. Of the top 10million websites on the internet, 20% are based on this platform.

B. We will host the sites on our Cloud Based servers that are provided to us by Liquid Web , they are the best in the industry with excellent up time and Heroic Customer Support.

C. We will provision the domains for the Websites through Godaddy under our account and handle all of the Domain Name Server transfers and all of the yearly domain renewals.

D. We will create an email address for each website and monitor all incoming internet inquires and respond appropriately and forward to your sales or marketing department . We can also set up the emails at your local computers if you want to monitor as well.

E. Each site will include 12 static content pages , each content page will target the keywords for that particular site niche and any variations of that key word to act as capture pages for visitors looking for products within that niche.

Please Contact us for more information and how to get started Building Your Web Presence !

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