Web Presence Platform

What is the  “Web Presence Platform” and why is it important to the health of your business ?  In our first installment regarding Web Presence , we talked about what it means and why Web Presence is so important to anyone in business.

Now we will get into more detail about the parts and pieces that make up what WebWorm calls the “Web Presence Platform” .

Essentially the Web Presence Platform is a company’s website , their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Instagram, and even listing pages such as Yelp, Houzz , Angies List , Linkedin and so on.

All of these collectively represent a company’s Web Presence Platform and should be unified in the way they look , in the information they provide and should all be linked together to provide a seamless loop , where a potential client , consumer or customer can find all the information needed about a company’s products and services.

Here at WebWorm we offer a free “Web Presence Analysis” to help determine what areas need  improvement in increasing their overall Web Presence and the quality of their  Web Presence Platform.

In our next installment regarding Web Presence we will talk about WebWorm’s  “Web Presence Services”  and what we do to accomplish the goal of increasing the quality of a company’s Web Presence Platform.