Free Web Presence Analysis

Webworm would like to offer you a “Free Web Presence Analysis”  to help you determine just how much exposure your business has on the World Wide Web !

We will look at your main Website and Social media pages, if you have any, and help you get an idea on what ways we can improve your over all web exposure.

We all know the days of yellow book pages, magazines and news papers is over , even calling the phone company operator for information to look for a company or service is practically non existent.

With today’s smart phones , tablets , laptops and desktop computers, everyone uses the computer these days to look for the products and services that they need  and the phenomenon  is only growing day by day , the truth is the dinosaur paper media is already extinct , its just a matter of time before they close shop.

That is why if you are a business owner you have to be aware and concerned about your “Web Presence” !

Our Web Presence Analysis will help us determine what areas you can improve your over all exposure across the entire spectrum of  Websites and Social Media Pages that make up your businesses landing pages.

What’s Included in Our Analysis:

• What page do you show up on in major search engines for your businesses niche , 1st , 2nd or 10th page ?

• What search terms or keywords are you well optimized for.

• How many potential landing pages do you have indexed in Google , Bing and other search engines.

• What Social media pages do you currently have set up.

• Are you currently adding new fresh original content on a regular basis .

• Are your Social Media pages linked to your website and vice versa.

• Do your Facebook and other Social Media pages integrate well with your main website as far as color schemes , logos, headers etc.

Email us here and ask for your Free Web Presence Analysis  please include your Website domain if you have one , or the name of your business.