What is Web Presence

Web Presence is a fairly new term , while it may seem obvious to those of us who are in the business , for many people it’s not clear exactly what it means or why it is even important.

Web Presence describes the available landing pages that a potential customer , client or consumer can find about your business, when they use a search engine to look for what they need .

Landing pages can be described as pages within a companies website, their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and other relevant listing pages like, Yelp , Houzz, Google Pages, Instagram and so on .

This is why it is very important to look at your website and all of your associated social media pages as one platform , what I call your “Web Presence Platform” , this is how people will find you , and it’s very important that your platform is set up correctly otherwise your just another tree in the woods and will likely go unnoticed.

When we talk about a businesses Web Presence we are really talking about how difficult they are to find on the internet using typical search terms or keywords that are relevant to their businesses products or services.

So this is why it absolutely crucial that a business has a “Good Web Presence” as opposed to a poor or non existent one, it may mean the difference between success and failure.

We have to remember the internet is still a relatively young enterprise and while many people get by without having a very good web presence or even none at all , they would certainly fare better if they had good exposure on the web.

As the dinosaur paper media finally dies away , they will absolutely need to have some level of web presence or become obsolete among those who have invested in their web presence and now have a clear advantage over the competition.

In WebWorm’s next Installment in helping to clarify what is meant by Web Presence , we will take a deeper look at the “Web Presence Platform” and what is needed to make it work correctly as a passive lead generation tool for your business.