Our Mission here at WebWorm is to Create Affordable , Stable , and Scalable Websites that can grow with your business. Our goal is for your website to become well indexed in the search engines enabling your potential customers to find you when doing normal organic searches for your niche market.

There are no secrets or “Get Indexed Overnight Schemes”  here at WebWorm , just good old fashion hard work building one page of original content at a time , this is what the search engines like… Original Content!

If done correctly using key words from your niche market , a WebWorm website will over time allow your site to be found on the internet. this does not happen over night , generally it takes at least 6 – 12 months to get a good over all ranking , which generally means making it on first couple of pages of any given search term.

This is why we offer the Small Business Package , it allows you to spread the cost of your website over a 12 month period , so you can pay as you go while your site is being built , and hang on to your cash , we all know how important cash flow is to a small business in this economy!

Here at WebWorm we build and design our websites using one of the most prolific platforms on internet today” WordPress ” , !

Why WordPress ?
Because WordPress has been around for a “very” long time and it makes an excellent choice for designing your website. It is a free, open source platform , that allows the best minds on the planet to continuously improve and update as needed. The list of plugins , themes , widgets and eCommerce support is becoming endless and allows for incredible functionality and scalability and “AFFORDABILITY”.

We can build a customized Website for you at a fraction of the cost a programmer or web developer would charge , because we don’t have to start from scratch , and because it’s so widely supported and user friendly you are not locked into any particular person or company for support of your website over the long haul.

Many of the most successful websites on the internet today are based on the WordPress Platform , with excellent Alexa rankings as well as search engine placement !   In fact of the top 10 million websites on the internet , 19% of them are based on the WordPress platform, that should tell you something !

Because it is open source it is widely supported by Internet Providers such as Go Daddy , Liquid Web and many others who have become industry leaders in providing hosting services around the world.

There are many programmers and developers out there building websites using HTML, PHP and other languages from scratch and there is nothing wrong with that , and in many cases it is required becasue of the complexity and needs of a particular type of website.

However I have found that the vast majority of small business owners main reason for wanting a website is for people to find them on the internet , and a place where potential customers can view their services products and contact information , of course it’s a real advantage if the site becomes well  indexed  in the search engines so that consumers can “actually”  find them via organic search results , this is the holy grail of SEO !

This is also the “goal”  of WebWorm , we understand Search Engine Optimization and how to use keywords within the content and in some cases as the actual domain name to better position your site in the search engines, it’s not about tricks , it’s simply understanding and utilizing the way the search engines algorithms work in an honest and integral fashion.